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Announcing domestic dialing solutions.

We had been getting a lot of requests/queries for any solutions for calling within India. We had to say NO to our customers for the same. But not any longer, as we are Introducing domestic dialing solutions for calling within India. Below are some of the features of the same.

Hosted solution based on Vicidial®, the world’s most capable dialer.
No setup cost – Zero Capex.
Low setup time.
Use at home agents.
Can use readily available broadband connections.

Speak to your marketing agents to get more details or chat on our website or email us with your requirements.

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Uploading leads into warmconnect dialer.

One of the first administrative tasks to come to grips with is uploading leads into warmconnect. Each campaign in warmconnect can have multiple lists (databases) for it to use. Each list has many leads. Therefore the process of uploading leads starts with first creating a new list, assigning that list to a campaign and then uploading leads into the newly created list. See how below.

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How to Solve No Leads in Hopper

The vicidial hopper is used to temporarily hold leads in a table for future dialing. This allows the dialing script to refer to a very small record set when actually dialing. This table is loaded every 60 seconds with approximately enough calls to last for few minutes. Below are the steps that will help you if there are no leads in hopper.

Solve no leads in hopper.
  • Go to your host name for e.g. and click on Dialer Administration.
  • Click Campaigns.
  • Click on the Campaign ID.
  • Check if there are active lists with leads in them.
  • Check the dial statuses and add the required ones and click submit
  • Check minimum hopper level and set it to twice the number of calls per minute, then submit.
  • In detail view check local call time or set default 24 hours calling.
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Auto Stop Dialer on Inactivity

You need to turn on the dialer to make calls. Usually you don’t forget to turn it off, but sometimes you accidentally keep it on which costs you for the server rent.
So to save your pocket we came up with a new feature “Auto Stop Dialer on Inactivity”. It auto stops the dialer if there are no calls, no agent activity on the dialer.
You will get this feature in “Auto Start Stop” menu:-

Auto Stop on Inactivity

Usage –

You can set the time in minutes (between 30-90 mins) for your server. If server is inactive for the set time, it would be turned off. “Custom” option helps you to set the customized inactivity time. “Disable” removes the inactivity entry. Following image shows inactivity entry for 60 mins:-

Set Inactivity Time

P.S. – Don’t worry, this feature won’t stop your dialer for initial 2 hours, so you can perform administrative tasks.

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Server Report

Sometimes you want to track server start or stop, viz. start/stop time, ip and whether it was started / stopped automatically or manually. For this, so far you have had to ask our tech-desk or email us, which is quite inconvenient.

Now, with the help of a new feature “Server Report” you can get start/stop time of your server along with request IP. In Preferences/Reports tab, select the period and click on “View Server Report” as follows:-

View Server Report

Server auto start and auto stop would be logged as auto_start and auto_stop respectively.

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Email Alert on Dialer Start/Stop

Your dialer may be started automatically (using the auto-start-stop feature) or you may have asked your manager to do so manually. However, we find customers having to log in twice a day to ensure that the dialer has been started or stopped.

To avoid this we have introduced a new feature viz. “Email Alert on Dialer Start/Stop” which will send an alert email after your dialer is started and stopped. You will find this feature in “Auto start stop” section of “Manage Servers” tab.

Usage –
Select the server from the drop-down menu for which you want to receive the alert and click on submit to enable the feature. Entry will be seen for the respective server as below. “disable” removes the alert entry and you won’t be receiving any alerts.

P.S. – Emails on dialer start/stop will be sent to
For e.g. – a warmconnect dialer with user xyz will get the email on In most cases this has already been forwarded to your personal email id.

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How to Setup Transfer-Conf number.

Many campaigns need to transfer calls to third party numbers. The agent can transfer by manually typing numbers. That is manageable if there is only one transfer number. However, in case of multiple transfer numbers it is difficult to remember numbers and mistakes may occur. To avoid this we can preset the transfer numbers in the campaign as under.

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