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How to create new campaigns

If your call center runs more than one process, each process should be setup in a separate campaign. By default there are three campaigns created on the dialer for broadcast, manual and auto dialing. To create additional campaigns follow the steps below.

Create new campaigns
  • Click on Dialer administration.
  • Click Campaigns.
  • By default broadcast/manual/auto dialing campaigns are created viz BRO211/DEMO_CAMPAIGN/DEMO_AUTO.
  • To create any new campaign click on Copy Campaign.
  • Enter Campaign ID,Campaign Name and then select Source campaign from drop down menu for auto dialing select DEMO_AUTO and for manual dialing select DEMO_CAMPAIGN.
  • Make Active Y from drop down menu.
  • Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to create the campaign.
  • New campaign is created with all campaign settings. Add lists in this campaign to start calling.
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