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How to Solve No Leads in Hopper

The vicidial hopper is used to temporarily hold leads in a table for future dialing. This allows the dialing script to refer to a very small record set when actually dialing. This table is loaded every 60 seconds with approximately enough calls to last for few minutes. Below are the steps that will help you if there are no leads in hopper.

Solve no leads in hopper.
  • Go to your host name for e.g. and click on Dialer Administration.
  • Click Campaigns.
  • Click on the Campaign ID.
  • Check if there are active lists with leads in them.
  • Check the dial statuses and add the required ones and click submit
  • Check minimum hopper level and set it to twice the number of calls per minute, then submit.
  • In detail view check local call time or set default 24 hours calling.