Work From Anywhere Communications  

Empower your hybrid workforce!

Have your employees switched to using mobile phones for business calls? Improve productivity and regain your phone identity and control with our Hybrid Work From Anywhere Business Telecommunications Services.

Number masking

When WFH employees use their own mobile phones for work you send the wrong callerID to your business contacts. Our number masking service provides your business a central phone identity while still allowing your employees the convenience of their mobile phones.

Key Features

  1. Choose from any of your virtual numbers to display to the called Party
  2. Multiple modes for every requirement: 2 stage dialing, click to call or app based dialing

Virtual Numbers

Keep separate numbers for display on your website, google search, marketing campaigns etc. These Virtual Phone Numbers can be forwarded to your employee mobiles, an IVR or a queue. Numbers from 50 countries also available to give your business an international presence.

Key Features

  1. Indian and International virtual numbers available
  2. Disposable short term numbers available
  3. Shared virtual numbers with queue
  4. Role based numbers

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Save on a receptionist. Play interactive messages to callers before they connect to your employees. Modify messages instantly with text to speech or record and uploaded.

Key Features

  1. Text to speech
  2. DTMF call routing capability
  3. Data gathering
  4. Multilevel interactions

Click to Call

Integrate your CRM / eCommerce platform / in-house customer handling systems with our Phone Service. Click to Call allows your users to make calls without having to enter a number, reducing error rates & improving productivity. It also allows you to integrate call recordings and analytics into your systems.

Key Features

  1. Rest based API for click to call
  2. Recordings and analytics integration
  3. Integrate into in house systems, your website or your app .

Remote Calling Queues

Your incoming calls for a department like service maybe too much for a single person to handle. Spread the load by creating calling queues with multiple agents logged in for various departments like sales, service etc. Your agents can log in from anywhere using just their mobile phones as per their schedule and start taking calls.

Key Features

  1. Multiple queues
  2. Multiple strategies to distribute load such as round-robin, ring all, random etc.
  3. Queue announcements
  4. Escalation matrix

Cloud PBX

A combination of all the elements above, our Cloud PBX is phone system that uses the employee mobile phone as an extension.

Key Features

  1. All the features above +
  2. Call metrics
  3. Call recordings
  4. Time schedules possible
  5. Instant re-forwarding to handle employee absence
  6. Short code dialing from central number